In short Erik has the most integrity of anyone I know.

I bought a pile of parts with Erik’s encouragement and got it about 40% complete before reaching out to him.

Erik took over from there. He walked me through the issues of my particular 1966 BSA Lightning and pointed out where we should invest for better long-term solutions of the build. Whether it was simplifying the wiring, or upgrading the carbs, he always explained the options thoroughly and provided his opinion. He did an amazing job of explaining each system of the bike, because after all, it’s an antique and I should know how to work on it.

The end product was better than I could have imagined. It runs and rides like a dream!  I truly love the bike we built together. This bike will remain in my family for years to come.

Jason S.

I have complete confidence and trust in Erik Johnson on the building & maintenance of classic motorcycles. Not only have Erik’s organizational habits and attention to detail following factory service manuals displayed his competence, but also his ingenuity has proven invaluable for coming up with creative solutions to issues “outside the box”.

He has worked with me on several projects. Listed are some; 1973 Norton 850 Commando, 1971 T100 Triumph, 1971 A65 L BSA, 1983 T750 Triumph, 1967 T120R Triumph, 1975 Norton 850 (electric start).

Frank S.

I’ve worked with Erik to build my 1968 triumph Bonneville from parts and pieces to a running bike. I couldn’t be any more thankful for the knowledge I’ve gained along the way.

This was my first bike build, and it was a daunting task despite my prior automotive experience. The greatest thing about the stewardship was understanding the bike in it’s entirety. I now feel confident working on my bike properly. If you’re interested in building a bike and don’t know where to start, Erik will get you squared away.

Expect nothing short of fair and honest work.

Jacob P.

I met Erik Johnson when my extremely rare 1963 BSA Thunderbolt needed some overdue professional work and unique finessing.  Honestly, I was just hoping to get it running and ready to sell.  Never in my wildest dreams did I foresee the level of attention, knowledge, professionalism and hard work that Erik would provide.  Not only did he exceed my expectations, he made me fall in love with the bike all over again.  Three years later, I still have the bike.

Erik patiently coached me on the do’s and don’ts of restoration and the importance of safety, longevity, usability and practical approaches to both energy and money.  He was meticulous in his approach and treated the Motorcycle as if it was his own. Every decision was spot on and reflected a well thought out plan with an end product we were both proud of.

Perhaps one of the shining moments of my journey with Erik was his unflappable approach to safety.  My vintage of Motorcycle has a 6-volt factory system.  Over the years, previous owners had added, subtracted and “jimmy-rigged” all kinds of things that were not only un-original, but compromised the safety and functionality.  A complete harness replacement was recommended and he stood firm that he would not put his name on a bike that he did not feel was done right…and was safe to ride.  I believe that single conversation speaks volumes to Erik’s integrity and is perhaps one of Erik’s most laudable qualities: Quality and safety over profit.

Finally, when my BSA was complete, my confidence in Erik was so concrete, that I entrusted him with my most prized possession: a 1969 Honda Z50 mini trail bike.  Certainly less expensive, but far more valuable to me as it has been in our family for 45 years.  My late father purchased it brand new as an “off road” trail bike.  Now that I live in the city limits, it was collecting dust as I had nowhere to ride it.  Well, of course Erik had a solution!  He was able to install an aftermarket LED “Total-Loss” system that provided brake, tail and head lights, paving the way to a street legal bike.  His installation was so clever it took NOTHING away from the original design and was skillfully minimalistic.   In a word, it was brilliant.   I now get to enjoy it in the city and it turns heads even more than my 1963 BSA.

Yes, not only do I think Erik is a high quality mechanic, but he is a high quality human being.  He would be my first, second and third choice for everything “motorcycle” and is the consummate professional.  I would highly recommend Erik for any project, big or small, as I know satisfaction is practically guaranteed.

Stu C.