Vintage Motorbike Consulting


Are you interested in learning how to maintain, repair, and customize your machine
so that you can enjoy riding it for decades?

We are pleased to offer vintage motorbike consulting, mentorship, and educational classes
to help guide you with your project.

With GearHeart Moto Consulting, our goal is to “pass the torch” to people who understand that vintage bikes require stewardship
& want to take ownership of these classic machines as opposed to just dropping them off to be fixed.



On-site pre-purchase inspection

Project consultation

Guided mentorship

Educational classes

Custom Parts

Motorcycle pick up and delivery


My name is Erik “Johnny” Johnson and I have helped people understand the “how” of wrenching on old bikes for almost 2 decades.

I truly love guiding people with a desire to learn about their vintage motorbikes.

I enjoy facilitating the transition from consumer to steward.

These old machines are from an era when that mindset was common place.

If you have a motorbike that needs some work
and you’re the type of person that desires to know how to do it,
contact us today!